Overview of new features in SAP Process Integration 7.31

Limitations of earlier version: SAP PI 7.11

  • Idoc and HTTP adapters are not available for Integrated Configuration
  • Multimapping (1:n) is not possible in ICO
  • Content based interface routing in ICO is not possible

New Advanced Adapter Engine connectivity options


  • Idoc packaging is possible (not for outbound)
  • Adapter modules can be added to Idoc configuration
  • ALEAUDIT is supported


  • New features: POST and Multipart document

SFTP adapter

  • add-on available from PI 7.11 SP08

Integrated configuration improvements

Multimapping possible in ICO

  • 1:n mappings
  • Content based selection of inbound interface

PI 7.31 ICO Multimapping

Monitoring tools

  • Idoc Message Monitor (it replaces IDX5)

PI 7.31 Idoc Monitor

  • Metadata Monitor

PI 7.31 Metadata Monitor

  • New message monitor

PI 7.31 Message Monitor


  • Ping option
    • Check connectivity
    • User/password
    • Authorizations (e.g. ftp access)
    • Connectivity (e.g. firewall settings)

PI 7.31 Ping 1


PI 7.31 Ping 2

User Defined Message Search

  • No need to use TREX
  • Usually used to search by key fields (Order Number, Partner ID)
  • A filter is defined per interface
  • Allows search by defined key that can be configured as:
    • Dynamic Header

      Dynamic Header
  • Indexing possible for messages processed prior to defining filter
  • Index is deleted when the message is archived