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Overview of new features in SAP Process Integration 7.31

Limitations of earlier version: SAP PI 7.11 Idoc and HTTP adapters are not available for Integrated Configuration Multimapping (1:n) is not possible in ICO Content based interface routing in ICO is not possible New Advanced Adapter Engine connectivity options IDOC_AAE Idoc packaging is possible (not for outbound) Adapter modules can be added to Idoc configuration […]

Inbound IDOC_AAE configuration in PI 7.31 single stack

1. Determining values for GatewayHost and GatewayService  Log in to the SLD and choose Administration -> Settings tab Parameters and All from the drop-down menu: 2. Creation of RFC connection to a SAP system, from which Idocs will be sent: After logging in to SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA) go to Configuration -> Infrastructure -> Destinations   Connection parameters: Hosting System: Local Java System PID Destination Name: XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION Destination Type: RFC   In […]

XSLT mapping to a flat file

In certain cases it is required to send an output mapping file as a flat file with specified field lengths. When the file adapter is used it is recommended to use standard File Content Conversion. However, in case of i.e. calling web service using SOAP adapter the best option is XSLT transformation. For the sample input […]