SAP PI monitoring solution, implemented in ECC, extended by advanced retrieval, comparison and status check-up capabilites. Monitoring is available on one of many levels, the most important ones are:

  • mapping,
  • message delivery status,
  • processing completion on the target system.
  • The main aim of this solution is to provide a constantly accessible monitoring tool that gathers all oof crucial data on statuses in one place, without the need of switching to Monitoring XML Runtime Workbench or manual tracing of logs in external target systems. The solution incorporates both technical data and business data.

  • In order to make it feasible, we had to use all the available experience gathered over many years spent designing, implementing and maintaining in a variety of projects. Of great importance was proficient skill in ABAP programming and extensive knowledge of SAP PI system. This solution is a perfect answer to needs arising from perusal of SAP ECC and SAP PI systems.