• Mule ESB

    Mulesoft Mule ESB allows for system integration of exceptionally broad array of IT systems thanks to a flexible and robust set of provided tools.

  • Flexibility

    This integration workhorse allows for efficient use of many data sources with many predefined mechanisms. Moreover, the initial offer of tools can be extended by incorporating any of the available premium resources or by manual preparation of needed extensions in one of supported programming languages. The most important ones include Java, Groovy, Python (Jython), Ruby and Javascript.

  • Modularity

    Predefined tools to access and transform data make it easier for the project team so that it can focus on realising the business objectives instead of dealing with technical details.

  • Curbing costs

    Mulesoft Mule ESB is a viable alternative to other solution thanks to the fact that a community edition can support a great number of tasks without the need of acquiring a commercial license. When the needs grow, there is readily available enterprise license that grants commercial support and provides additional features.